2014 Youth Poetry 3

Dalton Parks



The dark, dreary night

Brings the greatest fear of fright.

The sky full of clouds

Starts to clear as the moon’s heartbeat pounds.

My world seems to be a dream,

Then I try to force out a scream.

As the world becomes a reality,

I feel the heartbreak of a fatality.

I begin to see all the others,

Standing there giving their condolences for my mother.

My eyes begin to feel with tears,

While I think of all my fears.

I can still hear the gunshot,

And when I do, I see the blood spot.

The killer begins to run,

While she says, “It’ll be okay, son.”

The tears that run down her face

Make my heart begin to race.

Then I see the bright glare,

And hear my mother saying, “It’s okay, you had a nightmare.”

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