2014 Youth Short Story 2

Emily Million

The Blind Survivor

            Jillian Peterson has been blind since birth. She never knew the shapes, colors, or how she even looked. But Jillian never let this bother her. She lived her life like any other normal person, except she had a guide dog named Zorro. Zorro was at Jillian’s side at all times. He loved Jillian and she loved him. They had developed a special bond that could not be broken. Jillian always took a daily stroll downtown with Zorro by her side. She didn’t let being blind stop her from doing normal, everyday activities. She walked down the street in peace. She lived in a safe neighborhood. Her parents wanted the best for her. Rarely any crimes happened in this small town, but this day would surely be different. She strolled down the street holding onto Zorro’s leash loosely. She didn’t hear other people around, but she assumed they were there somewhere. It was never this quiet, but it was never too loud either. She heard footsteps. Finally, she thought, but wondered who it was. It all happened so fast. Zorro was yanked away from Jillian’s grasp and Jillian was knocked down. She grunted on the impact of the hard concrete. “Zorro!” Jillian exclaimed. The poor blind girl attempted to crawl to find Zorro, but was kicked in the rib cage, causing her to collapse. Something hard hit her head, and the impact was enough to knock her out cold.

When Jillian came back to a right state of mind, she could almost immediately tell the environment was different. She could no longer smell the sweet summer air. The air was cold, musty, and thick with the smell of mold. She had no idea where she was but she could tell she was not alone.

“Hello?” Her voice came out soft and innocent.

She heard coughing beside her, but it wasn’t a manly cough, it was a female.

“Who’s there?” She attempted to sound confident but failed miserably.

Then she heard a whisper. “I’m C-Carla. Carla Jones.” Her voice had as much power as a snail did speed.

Jillian responded, “Um… My name is Jillian Peterson. W-What’s going on?” Jillian was scared but didn’t show too much of it.

The girl, Carla, sighed sadly. “It seems we’ve been kidnapped in broad daylight. No one else was around, no one to save either of us.”

Jillian felt a lump in her throat. “Kidnapped?” She spoke the word as if it was foreign to her. Her voice had a scratchy, uneasy tone to it.

Her hands were bound, and she could feel a rag tied around her eyes. Like it was even necessary? She was blind for goodness sakes.

“This blindfold isn’t necessary.” Jillian spoke in a soft voice.

Carla’s voice was the same, more of a whisper that was barely audible. “Why not?” Carla asked.

“I’m sure whoever kidnapped us does not want us to see their face.”

Jillian replied. “I’m blind. Why would they put a blind fold on a blind person?”

Jillian shifted around, attempting find a more comfortable position.

“You’re blind?” Carla asked. “What kind of sick person kidnaps a blind…?”

She stopped immediately. Jillian was almost positive both Carla and she had heard the click of a gun. She heard a dark menacing laughter. Jillian was now officially terrified as she asked,

“What kind of sick person kidnaps a blind girl?”

She heard the chuckle again.

“Apparently a person who didn’t know the girl was blind.” His voice was dark and scary like.

The sad attempt at the man’s joke made Jillian roll her eyes.

“Hence the guide dog, idiot.” Jillian’s sassy attitude could cost her own life, but, she didn’t back down.

She spoke boldly and bravely. She heard the man’s menacing laughter once again.

“Watch your mouth, little girl. You’re not the one holding the gun right now.” he said chuckling.

She heard Carla gasp.

“I’m sorry, neither of you will be staying long.” the man said.

Jillian could see the whole picture in her mind of what was happening. The man was holding the gun; it was pointed at Carla, but possibly pressed up against her temple. Carla made no attempt to stop him. In a split second, the bullet was fired, Carla was dead.

“Now for the blind lady. Too bad that dog of yours ran off. Figured he would try to help you, but no. Ran off like a scared little puppy.”

These comments about Zorro made Jillian clench her jaw. Surely he was lying. Zorro would never run off when Jillian was in trouble. He had to be lying. Jillian heard the click of the gun once again. The man chuckled

. “Say goodbye.”

Nothing from there went as it was planned. Jillian heard glass shattering and then barking. Zorro. Jillian heard the gun being fired and braced herself for the impact, but it never came. All she heard was a yelp. She thought the worst, but what else could she think at this point? Then she heard a door being kicked open, and someone shouting.

“Police! Do not move! Get on the ground! Hands behind your back!”

Zorro didn’t leave me. He went and got help. She knew the truth now, but she also knew that Zorro had taken that bullet for her. Their love was a strong bond nothing could break. Zorro had loved Jillian so much that he took the bullet which was going to end her life. Zorro had saved her, and that made her the blind survivor.

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