2014 Youth Short Story 3

Thomas Coleman

The Lost Son


“Jacky! Where are you?!” screamed Jason as he tripped over a fallen tree and blacked out. He dreamed of holding his son, when he was only a baby, feeling his soft hair. When he awoke, he smelled something. It smelled of death. The only logical thing to do was to run right out of that forest, and to run quickly. It was the right decision.

He hid behind a bush and gaped at a 900-pound grizzly bear. It had a crazy look and a deep cut that ran down its left paw. Whatever made that cut had been huge. He suddenly realized it: the bear wasn’t hunting, it was running. The blood around the cut… was fresh. It had just gotten the cut moments before.

The thought of the creature that made the cut terrified him more than the bear ever had. Without thinking, he screamed. The bear turned toward him and bounded over. Just as it seemed his time was about to end, the bear stopped and nudged his hand with its snout. It didn’t want to kill him, it wanted to get some attention. Then a thought hit him, and, as he laughed, he thought: I just befriended a grizzly bear!

He tended to the creature’s wounds and thought about finding Jacky. When he was done, he went to sleep. When he woke up, he and the bear travelled through the forest. They came into a clearing and looked up. He saw the sun, the sky, and the clouds. What a sight it was.

Then, the bear whimpered. He saw pain in its eyes, and sorrow. They got up and began walking. As they walked, Jason talked to the bear. He knew the bear wouldn’t understand, but then again he knew it would listen. He talked about Jacky, his wife, and some other things he cared about in his life. For a moment, as he talked about Jacky, it was as if the bear really did understand, then that feeling left. He thought he was going mad, so he shut up about his family.

About two hours later, he stumbled into another clearing, and for a moment, he couldn’t believe his eyes surely he wasn’t seeing things. He ran and picked up a dirty, scratched- up Jacky, and saw a small bear that looked suspiciously like his companion. The cub ran to its mother as she roared with joy, licked the cub, and sat down with a cry of relief.

It was turning out to be a wonderful day until it happened- a beast the size of a Honda Civic came sprinting out of the woods, right toward them; Jason didn’t even want to think about what it could do to them with its razor sharp claws and huge teeth. This was the beast that had cut the bear. Then, something unexpected happened. The mama bear roared, and seconds later three bears about the same size burst out of the woods. They joined the mama bear as she rushed the beast, overwhelming it, and drove it far into the woods. He knew as he looked into the bears’ eyes, that they would protect them. He felt two emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time: safety and hope.

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