2015 Writing Contest Winners

Click on the entry title to read the entry.

Genre Award Name Title
Adult Short Story First Place Chelyen Davis “Junebug”
Adult Short Story Second Place Morgan Herbert “Mama Bear”
Adult Short Story Third Place Robert Whitt “He Had A Life”
Adult Essay First Place Hazel Hale Bostic “Linoleum Laying Day”
Adult Essay Second Place Susan M. Slate “The World Outside of Dreams”
Adult Essay Third Place Robin Charles “Condemnation of War”
Adult Poetry First Place James Owens “Morning, Parked Beside A Scene from The Inferno
Adult Poetry Second Place Deb Linkous “Boy Crazy”
Adult Poetry Third Place Robin Charles “Where I’m From”
Youth Short Story First Place Emmily Woods “Appalachian Mountain Sunset”
Youth Short Story Second Place Samantha Deel “In Memory”
Youth Short Story Third Place Emily Million “Appalachian Murderer”
Youth Essay First Place Telena Turner “First Sight”
Youth Essay Second Place Jerri Whitner “The Fall”
Youth Essay Third Place Tatiana Dronsick “Belief in God vs. Atheism”
Youth Poetry First Place Emmily Woods “Simple Things”
Youth Poetry Second Place Nicholas L. Taylor “Sails of Black”
Youth Poetry Third Place Kendra Woods “A Centurion’s Point of View”


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